What are your fees?

Please see the fees webpage, this can be found on the top right hand corner of your browser.

Do you offer your Couples Counselling Services for couples of the same-sex?

Yes. Couples counselling is available for those in either heterosexual, gay or lesbian relationships.

What is your Couples Counselling Approach?

I follow a no-blame approach within my couples therapy sessions, meaning I will not take sides nor blame either party for problems within the couple or marriage. Problems can and will be discussed openly within the sessions and the therapy is future-focused to help you to try and get to where it is you want to be.

Are home visits available?

Yes. Home visits are available for those who would feel more comfortable at home or for those who have difficulty travelling. This has a £15 surcharge and is available on set times/dates by arrangement.

For Hypnotherapy, will I get hypnosis on a CD?

Yes. Included in the set price is a personalised hypnotherapy CD which I record for you in my own time and is usually available on session two.

Are there any other charges?

There are no hidden charges whatsoever.