Alcohol & Drug Abuse

For some people, the words “addiction” or “dependency” can mean very different things. What one person considers a problem, another may consider the norm.

I personally believe that a person has a dependency problem when the use of either drugs or alcohol affects their life in any way, and sometimes this can be hard to recognise; sometimes it is ignored.

Addiction can often lead to personal problems which may include work, legal, financial or emotional, so it may feel like the hardest time of your life.

You may feel isolated and alone. You’re not.

I specialize in alcohol and drug abuse and construct recovery programmes for the individual.

I offer help, support and guidance to help you reach the goals that we set together in counselling. I offer stable, client-focused and honest counselling, targeting the addiction issues and also the underlying issues that have caused the dependency.

If you feel that you need somebody to talk to – you probably do. You don’t have to struggle without help anymore.

To book your free initial consultation where I can explain the counselling process to you, answer any questions you may want to ask or to have an informal chat, please see my contact page.